Our Mission

Our mission

We aim to provide a wide range of exceptional services for your beloved luxury cars. If you own a luxury car, you would be familiar with the fact that such cars require professional attention. They can’t be repaired and tuned properly by garages that are not equipped sufficiently for the job. Therefore, Qasr Sawathas made sure that all equipment required for the same are always in place and are maintained at their highest quality.

One thing that makes us different from other service providers is that we focus on innovation and integration of new and better ideas as per the needs of our clients. With innovation as our core principle, we perform car diagnostics, repair, tuning and customisation of your luxury cars.

In the car diagnostics service, we conduct testing on all major parts. These include the body, tires, chambers and, most importantly, the car’s engine. Our mission in this is to provide professional feedback to our clients and provide detailed reports on their cars. This way, you will be able to know what kind of repairs or maintenance it requires. Our organisation has over 680 professional mechanics who aresufficiently trained for the job.

Repair and tuning services are also provided for which we have professional quality equipment. Nothing should go wrong when you are handling the repair and tuning work of luxury cars. Keeping that in mind, we conduct quality checks for all our repair and maintenance equipment regularly. Our mission here is to make sure that everything is in its place and nothing falls apart. We care for your cars and make sure that it does not go under faulty equipment in any case.

Another service provided in our luxury garage is customisation. Here, you will be able to add or remove parts of your car to suit your personality and preferences. Our mission here is to provide all possible integrations to our clients for their car so that they leave with satisfaction and a car of their dreams. In customisation, we use spare parts and equipment that are of high quality, and that suit the choice of our clients.

You should be able to get a glimpse of all our goals and ambition in relation to our clients and their cars in our mission statement. It has been prepared with careful consideration of all our values and norms so that it reflects the true aim of our organisation.

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Our mission statement

We aim to provide our clients with the best professional support for their luxury cars along with excellent customer servicethrough consultation and advice on their cars. Moreover, we aim to:

  • Maintain the highest possible quality of our garage’s equipment
  • Perform quality checks regularly in all areas of the garage’s premises
  • Ensure our clients are not left unattended at any moment
  • Provide professional help to clients who need information on the kinds of services we provide
  • Always keep the satisfaction of our customers as the top priority.

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